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A manor house with ten characteristic hot spring baths overlooking Mt. Yarigatake on the far side of the river.



Open-air Baths and Indoor Baths

The original owner of the manor house discovered the source of hot spring water eighty years ago, and was the first to conceive the idea of a Yarimi hot spring overlooking Mt. Yarimidake.


Open-air Baths




Yarimi Bath (mixed bathing)
Manten Bath (mixed bathing)
Iwami Bath (a bath for ladies only nestled in natural rock)

* Available for use 24 hours a day.


Open-air Baths for Private Hire


Keiryu (mountain stream) Bath (Jacuzzi bath)
Mori (forest) Bath (with waterfall, slide and swings, etc.)
Banryu Bath (a relaxing bath made out of piled-up, naturally-cut rock)
Suisha-Goya (watermill) Bath (firefly bath newly established for private hire)

* Available for use 24 hours a day.
* Change the board at the entrance to In Use when entering the bath.




Indoor Baths


Gote Bath (Men only)
Kaka Bath (Ladies only)

* Available for use from check-in until 10:00 the following day.







Nagomi Bath





The manor house was dismantled, relocated and rebuilt in its present location, and provides an atmosphere that is both soothing and nostalgic.

A total of sixteen rooms are available.
Japanese-style rooms (with toilet):
12 rooms (6 rooms in the annex, 6 rooms in the main building)

Japanese and Western-style rooms (with bath and toilet):
1 room (in the main building, barrier-free interior)

Detached rooms (with private open-air bath and toilet): 2 rooms





Relax over meals that use natural ingredients found in the Okuhida area and that are served in front of traditional open fireplaces.
Our exquisitely prepared meals are typical of the hospitality available at the Yarimikan Inn, and all utilize the natural ingredients available locally, enhanced to their optimum flavor.
Serving vegetables that thrive in the mountains of the Northern Alps, freshwater fish from the ice-cold waters of the River Kamata, Hida beef and other delicacies, we at the Yarimikan Inn continually strive to ensure that your stay with us remains as a pleasant memory.

◆If you have any food allergies, we will try to help you as much as we can.
Before staying at our premises, please check if you have any allergies that you may have to prevent any accidents.

※When you make a reservation, please inform us.

※Unfortunately, our menu cannot be changed due to any food preferences you may have.


Rates: One night’s accommodation including two meals per person (inc. tax and bathing fees)
\18,510 to \30,390

* Rates differ in accordance with the room type and number of people.

Bathing fees for non-residents: \500 for adults, \300 for children

* Use is restricted to the mixed-bathing baths, the ladies only baths and the footbath.

* Available for use between 10:00 and 14:00 (subject to change.)
* Non-residents cannot use the private hire baths or the indoor baths.

* Depending on conditions, there are cases where certain baths may be out of use.
Check-in: 14:00, Check-out 11:00
Credit Cards: Visa
Parking: Up to 20 vehicles (free of charge)
Facilities: Two open-air baths (mixed bathing) four open-air baths for private hire, two indoor baths (ladies only, men’s only), Irori no Ma (restaurant with traditional open fireplaces), souvenir shops.
Beverages: No beverage vending machines are available.
Beverages are available from Mizubune and Yubune in the first-floor lobby.
Information of Booking online is here http://www.hitou.or.jp/en/hymbrrsv/hymbr_pg03.html?yc=gy160

If you have some questions, please send e-mail our inn.


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